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So given a chance to speed up the process by hiring someone at a reasonable cost, they’d take it.When relevant, at the end of each step, I’ve listed what this reasonable cost is, and what real-life time-savings it produces (5hrs saved = one week saved).Don’t skimp on this: a bad transcription will easily double or triple your editing time, costing you a hell of a lot more down the line.This is a substitute for writing it yourself, so see that last entry. Now you’ll have 200-300 pages of raw transcript that needs to be edited into something legible — namely, a manuscript. has tons of freelance editors, and you can get pretty good ones for as little as /hr.

My experience is in nonfiction titles — books that people find useful enough to spend money on.

That way, when your book comes out down the road, you have a pre-existing audience. This step is the secret sauce to getting your book out this year — even this month — as opposed to 2049 A. And yet, even as they’re bitching and moaning, they’re talking perfectly well. Having the live person will force you, the expert, to express yourself in a way that the non-expert — i.e.

It’s also a safe way to test your content, and see what works and what does not. your audience, whom we’re hoping will pay to read your book — can understand.

In fact, while writing this article, I had in mind two friends who teach at Harvard Medical School.

With lectures, clinical responsibilities, a family, and the occasional need to sleep, I’ll assume that they can devote at most 5 hrs of every 168-hr week to forging their .

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